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Electric Pressure Cooker Results-based Financing Programme

The Global LEAP Results-Based Financing programme for electric pressure cookers provides money in incentives to help accelerate the global appliance market for EPCs.

The Global LEAP Results-Based Financing Programme (“Programme”) aims to reduce risk across the off-grid appliance supply chain by 1) lowering the cost to procure large volumes of best-in-class off-grid appliances for early mover off-grid solar companies, and 2) facilitating new business partnerships for appliance suppliers that have invested in the production of high-quality off-grid appliances.

The Programme provides financial incentives to appliance suppliers and off-grid solar companies that partner to distribute large quantities of Winner and Finalist products from the Global LEAP Awards in target markets. The Global LEAP Awards identify the world’s most energy-efficient, highest quality off-grid appliances and the incentives will provide a clear and timely path to market for those appliances. As an initiative of the Efficiency for Access Coalition, the Programme seeks to scale up markets and reduce prices for super-efficient, off- and weak-grid appropriate products, support technological innovation and improve sector coordination.

The first three rounds of the Programme took place between 2016-2020. This fourth round will make incentives available for procurement of best-in-class and /or quality verified electric pressure cookers identified as Winners or Finalists in the 2020 Global LEAP Awards in Kenya only. There is no fee to participate in the Programme.

The bid window is now open and will close on 13 October at 23:59pm. Approximately $105,000 in incentives is available for successful participants. Funds are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested companies are encouraged to act fast.

Please complete and submit the bid submission form.