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Global LEAP Off-Grid Appliance Procurement Incentives Programme

Innovative procurement incentive programme speeds the development of the off-grid appliance market

Off-grid clean energy systems help millions of otherwise un-electrified people achieve life-giving and – enabling modern energy services. The appliances bundled and used with these systems are essential to off-grid market growth and global sustainable development goals. To reach its full potential, the global off-grid clean energy market needs a complementary market of high-quality, highly energy-efficient off-grid appliances that satisfy consumer needs at the least possible cost.

But too many off-grid solar companies struggle to identify and source outstanding off-grid appliances. Many appliance manufacturers are unaware of the off-grid market’s commercial opportunities – and those that are aware often struggle to find clear and timely paths to market. The Global LEAP Off-Grid Appliance Procurement Incentives programme addresses these challenges by providing incentives to appliance manufacturers and off-grid solar distributors that partner to distribute large quantities of best-in-class appliances.

The pilot round was launched in Bangladesh in 2016, and expanded to East Africa in its second round in late 2017.

To date, the Global LEAP Procurement Incentives programme has catalysed the procurement of over 230,000 best-in-class off-grid TVs, fans, and refrigerators across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Bangladesh. These include the first-ever large-scale procurements of off-grid refrigerators by two of the leading PAYGO companies in East Africa.

Participating companies take surveys as part of the sales verification process, enabling the assessment of the impacts of these products on people's lives. Global LEAP sales verification surveys are generating unique off-grid appliance market intelligence and consumer insights.