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Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund: Innovator Series – Omnivoltaic

Making data discoverable

Making data discoverable

There is high demand for product and user data in the off-grid appliance sector. Access to data, such as battery performance and PAY-Go functionality and its analysis can help companies to understand how consumers use their products better. This will also enable companies to offer more tailored products and services to improve accessibility, affordability, and security for everyone along the supply chain including the end-user.

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Omnivoltaic in developing an affordable and small, box-like device known as BridgeWare that aims to bridge the accessibility and compatibility gap between the underlying hardware of a range of off-grid technologies and a data store. The project aimed to create a technology stack to make devices discoverable, with minimal hardware additions needed. The project received funding from UK aid through the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund's Enabling Technologies Call.

This project report details the outcomes of the successful completion of the project.