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The Global LEAP Awards Announce 2019 Solar E-Waste Challenge Winners

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A Message from Sustainable Energy for All - June 2019

Glenn Pearce-Oroz, Director of Policy and Programmes, SEforAll

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Global LEAP Awards Solar E-Waste Challenge Nomination Results by the Numbers

The Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge received 159 applications to implement projects in 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Efficiency for Access awards nine clean energy innovators grants to accelerate efficient appliance development

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Efficiency for Access Hosts Technical Roundtable at the Modern Energy Cooking Services Launch in East Africa

The Modern Energy Cooking Services programme aims to break out of business-as-usual approaches and rapidly accelerate the transition from biomass to clean cooking on a global scale.

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UK aid and Shell Foundation Join USAID in support of the Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge

Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge to offer $1,600,000 in grant funding

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Solar Milling Pilot Highlights Important Consumer Voices

In February 2019, members of the LEIA programme team traveled to India to meet with Shivamurthy and Shevamma, a married couple working with the SELCO Foundation to operate a solar milling pilot in the Male Mahadeshwara foothills outside of Bengaluru.

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A Message from the Coalition - April 2019

Augusta Abrahamse and Ku McMahan from USAID discuss Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge and Securing Water For Food: A Grand Challenge for Development.

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Unlocking the Potential of Rural Entrepreneurs in Zambia with Solar Irrigation Pumps

Shell Foundation's portfolio company, Rent to Own (RTO), is a for-profit social enterprise pioneering productive asset financing in Zambia. RTO has disbursed over $4 million in productive use assets to more than 7,500 Zambians.

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From Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah

A conversation with Max Garnick, Product Manager at SunCulture

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