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Efficiency for Access Publishes Open Letter on how Affordable, High-Performing and Inclusive Appliances Will Help Address the Climate Emergency

Oct 25, 2021

In the lead up to COP26, Efficiency for Access is highlighting how affordable, high-performing and inclusive solar-powered appliances and technologies can help address the climate emergency and achieve universal energy access.

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Efficiency for Access Design Challenge Showcases Prototypes at Dutch Design Week 2021

Oct 19, 2021

Six student teams from the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2020–2021 are showcasing their prototype designs in a virtual gallery at Dutch Design Week 2021.

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2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge Announces Preliminary Finalists

Oct 19, 2021

Seventeen products from 14 companies have been selected as preliminary finalists of the 2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge.

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Leveraging Remote Sensing Analysis to Inform the Solar Water Pump Market

Oct 15, 2021

This study aimed to further innovation in East Africa's solar water pump market by developing and testing the viability of a toolkit that leverages remote sensing to generate affordable business intelligence for the nascent solar water pump market.

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Efficiency for Access is a Co-Theme Lead for Energy Access at new COP Resilience Hub to Increase the Focus on Helping People Cope With the Impacts of Climate Change

Oct 07, 2021

Efficiency for Access is delighted to support the launch of the COP Resilience Hub that will put the focus on resilience and adaptation at COP26.

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Global LEAP Results-Based Financing Mechanism Opens Bid Submissions for Electric Pressure Cookers

Oct 05, 2021

The Global LEAP Results-Based Financing mechanism for electric pressure cookers provides money in incentives to help accelerate the global appliance market for EPCs.

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Year 3 of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge Launches

Sep 14, 2021

Today marks the launch of the third year of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge, a global, multidisciplinary competition that empowers teams of university students to help accelerate clean energy access.

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New Technical Note Outlines Remote Monitoring Solutions for Off-Grid Appliances

Sep 10, 2021

Efficiency for Access launched a field-testing initiative to evaluate the options for collecting data and validate the technical specifications of off-grid refrigerators, solar water pumps and solar-powered milking machines in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal and India.

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Uganda's Off-Grid Appliance Market

Sep 03, 2021

In continuation of the Efficiency for Access country profile series, this report sheds light on the off- and weak-grid appliance market in Uganda.

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Press Release: A More Integrative Approach Needed to Realise Global Energy Access Goals

Aug 20, 2021

Energy-efficient off-grid appliances are on the rise and improving livelihoods in the process. However, cross-cutting barriers still exist in the off-grid solar sector and require a more integrative approach to address these challenges and achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 7.

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