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Efficiency for Access awards nine clean energy innovators grants to accelerate efficient appliance development

Jun 04, 2019

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Efficiency for Access Hosts Technical Roundtable at the Modern Energy Cooking Services Launch in East Africa

May 31, 2019

The Modern Energy Cooking Services programme aims to break out of business-as-usual approaches and rapidly accelerate the transition from biomass to clean cooking on a global scale.

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UK aid and Shell Foundation Join USAID in support of the Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge

May 08, 2019

Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge to offer $1,600,000 in grant funding

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Transforming Energy Access: Innovations towards SDG 7

Mar 01, 2019

On 7 March 2019 the Efficiency for Access Coalition will take part in a one-day event convened on behalf of the UK Department for International Development. The event is dedicated to accelerating the transition between clean energy innovations and impact at scale, especially in Africa.

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Getting to know off- and weak-grid consumers: The unforeseen impacts of energy efficient off-grid appliances

Feb 11, 2019

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2019 Global LEAP Awards

Nov 08, 2018

Global LEAP Launches Competitions for Solar Water Pumps and Off-Grid Refrigerators

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Advancing Markets for Off-Grid Solar Water Pumps and Grain Mills

Oct 15, 2018

The LEIA team is partnering with industry players to support the uptake of energy efficient, off-grid agricultural appliances

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First-of-its-kind Market Baseline Testing Results for Off- & Weak-Grid Refrigerators

Aug 13, 2018

Negligible data currently exists regarding off- and weak-grid refrigerator cost and performance. To help fill this gap and accelerate the off-grid appliance market, Efficiency for Access procured and tested commercially available refrigerators to establish a performance baseline.

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Efficiency for Access June Newsletter

Jun 28, 2018

June focused on all things refrigeration – which included a first-of-its-kind market baseline testing report, a market development roundtable in Amsterdam, and the launch of two new refrigerators designed specifically for off- and weak-grid use.

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Man W Solar Water Pump Photo By Arne Jacobson

Simusolar Doubles Rural Household Incomes in Less than a Year

May 24, 2018

In Tanzania 38.4 million households are engaged in farming for their primary or supplemental income. Of these, more than 95% depend on farming practices that rely on rainfall to water crops, rainfall that comes only 5 months of the year and is increasingly unpredictable. These realities challenge households, particularly women and children, with women constituting 70% of sub-Saharan agricultural workers, according to the World Farmers Organisation.

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