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Efficiency for Access Design Challenge Winning Teams: Year One

Participating Teams

The Grand Final took place on the 25 June 2020. A total of 14 projects were submitted by the participating teams from nine universities:

The 14 projects included a range of off-grid technologies and appliances including:

Winning Teams

Six teams received gold, silver and bronze awards in the first year of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge.

Gold award winners:

  • University College London, ‘Off-grid Electric Pressure Cookers for Sub-Saharan African Communities’
  • Makerere University, ‘Standalone Solar Load Management System’

Silver award winners:

  • University of Strathclyde, ‘e-Cook for Developing Countries’
  • Makerere University, ‘Solar Energy Efficient Dish Dryer’

Bronze award winners:

  • Strathmore University, ‘Kijiji, a solar powered container with essential services for empowering rural communities’
  • University of Bath, ‘Off-grid refrigeration systems (ACE)

“It was amazing to bring an entrepreneurial experience to my studies. Our project involved a lot of innovation, design-thinking, uncertainty… unlike structured academic projects, pushing us outside our comfort zone continuously. In the end, it was incredibly rewarding. For me, this made the experience very enjoyable and incredibly valuable.” -Joris Simaitis, University College London

Highlights from Year One

Watch the video below for an overview of the inaugural year of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge.