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Research and Development Fund

Supporting research & development to accelerate innovation in off-and weak grid appliances

Efficiency for Access Coalition launches research and development fund to accelerate innovation in off-grid and weak grid appliance technologies

The Efficiency for Access Coalition, with funding from UK aid, will invest into Research and Development (R&D) projects that lead to the acceleration of availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of Low Energy Inclusive Appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion. The first round of the R&D fund was worth at least £1 million, with that figure expected to be doubled with matching private investment.

This is part of the Efficiency for Access Coalition’s programme of activities to support and accelerate innovation in off-grid and weak grid appliance technologies and markets. Coalition members currently have programmes and initiatives spanning three continents, 44 countries and 19 key technologies.

The first round of the grant fund worth at least £1 million, with available grants ranging from £50,000 to £200,000 per project.

Research & Development projects must focus on developing an innovative appliance technology or product for use in off-grid and weak-grid settings, which has both a strong potential to positively benefit targeted users and to scale. Research & Development projects must also take into account gender equality and social inclusion issues.

The application window for the first round is now closed. Stay tuned for information on the second round of funding!

If you have any questions on the recent round of funding or have any general queries please email [email protected]

You can also register your organisation via the link below in preparation for the second round of funding.

Click here to download the full application guidance document