Energising the Solar Workforce

A consultative and collaborative global communications campaign that explored the skills and training needed to strengthen the solar appliance sector, boost green skills, and accelerate a just clean energy transition.

We ran a collaborative and consultative global communications campaign from 15 June to 2 September 2022, that aimed to foster discussions around the skills and training that are needed to strengthen the solar appliance sector, boost green jobs, and accelerate a just and inclusive clean energy transition.

This campaign aimed to:

  • Foster discussion around the skills needed for the future development of the solar appliance sector, and the knowledge gaps in energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
  • Support the inception phase for the Low Energy Inclusive Appliances programme’s new workstream on workforce and skills development
  • Position the solar appliance sector as a key part of plans for a green recovery and the creation of green jobs

The campaign featured a Twitter Space event on World Youth Skills Day (15 July) that explored what is needed to equip young people with the skills and training to thrive in the solar appliance sector and energy access, and an invitation-only roundtable on 1 September that brought together key stakeholders to discuss the skills and training needed to accelerate growth in the solar appliance sector.

We mobilised businesses, governments, academia, investors, youth, and civil society organisations around the world in support of these aims.