Appliances are Vital

The campaign focused on how affordable, high-performing appliances contribute to the COVID-19 response and recovery.

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Imagine facing the COVID-19 pandemic without a television for information, refrigeration to preserve perishable food and lighting to work past sunset. For many of the 475 million households worldwide with no grid access, or with only unreliable access to electricity, these conditions were a reality.

From November 2020 to April 2021, the Appliances Are Vital campaign highlighted the many ways in which appliances contributed to the global COVID-19 response and in accelerating economic recovery. Through the campaign, Efficiency for Access and our partners amplified the most up-to-date news, data and research related to the off- and weak-grid appliance sector and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appliances Are Vital built new partnerships and opportunities across the energy access, agriculture and health landscape. Throughout the campaign, Efficiency for Access partnered with organisations to disseminate information; host events, such as a live Q&A and Twitter chat; and develop new content, including podcasts, blog posts, and editorials.

Campaign activities

Appliances & COVID-19 Factsheet: In November, Efficiency for Access will publish a factsheet that draws attention to the various ways appliances can contribute to pandemic relief and recovery.

Twitter Chat: In December, Efficiency for Access will host a Twitter chat on healthcare electrification and off-grid medical devices. This event will give three – five organisations the opportunity to showcase their own programmes or research.

Live Q&A: In March, Efficiency for Access will host a live Q&A with three – four sector experts on how the deployment of off-grid appliances fit into the existing COVID-19 relief effort and bolster long-term community resiliency. Cooling (off-grid cold chain, refrigeration), agriculture (milling equipment, solar water pumps), and communications technologies (mobile devices, computers) will be explored.

White Paper: In April, Efficiency for Access will publish a white paper synthesising data and findings from the 2021 LEIA technology summaries. Our goals are to 1) describe the technologies’ evolution reflecting the most up to date information, and 2) explore challenges and opportunities to scale during and after the pandemic.