Compatibility and Interoperability Technology Roadmap

Efficiency for Access Interoperability & Compatibility Roadmap to Drive Off-grid solar Products Toward Maturity

Compatibility and interoperability refer to the ability of systems and components to work together in the same environment, including the exchange of information. Both are key features of mature markets for a variety of technologies around the world. While most off-grid companies are not focused on these topics today, they will become increasingly important as the market matures.

Commoditization is a key challenge to early-stage market growth for a wide range of technologies. Custom solutions work well when companies have markets to themselves, but as markets grow, custom solutions become a barrier to market efficiency. While limiting consumer choice to custom products makes sense from a particular system provider’s perspective, incompatibility between systems locks consumers into a product regardless of its merits relative to the competition, discouraging market growth.

This technology roadmap outlines an important first step in defining the requirements for a mature off-grid industry. It highlights the need for industry working groups and defines the focus and needs for future research and development.

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