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Efficiency for Access

A global coalition to accelerate clean energy access through high-performing appliances



New report: Efficient motors deliver 30% reduction in net solar energy system costs


Solaris Offgrid develops innovative OpenPAYGO Link project with support from Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund


2021 Appliance Data Trends Report Shows Promising Improvements in Off-Grid Appliance Energy Efficiency


Explore ways to engage with the Efficiency for Access Coalition based on your interests and affiliation.

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Vera Sol Efor A homepage


Your source for independent performance and quality data on off-grid solar solutions.

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From Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah

A conversation with Max Garnick, Product Manager at SunCulture

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2021 Appliance Data Trends

The 2021 Appliance Data Trends report provides updated product performance, energy efficiency, and pricing trends for four technologies: TVs, fans, refrigerators and SWPs. Early insights...

Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey 2020

This report characterizes the perceived consumer demand and development impact of household, business/productive use, and healthcare technologies using survey data from 133 off-grid energy professionals.