Global LEAP Awards Induction Cooktops Competition

The Global LEAP Awards Induction Cooktops Competition aims to promote the use and showcase the performance of electric induction cooktops, accelerating the global adoption of high-quality clean cooking technologies.

Global LEAP Induction cooktops competition

Modern, energy-efficient electric cooking appliances have the potential to positively transform the lives of the nearly 2.3 billion people globally who rely on polluting fuels for cooking.1 Access to these modern cooking appliances leads to improved health and quality of livelihood, especially for women and children living in communities in the Global South through the elimination of harmful indoor smoke and reduced costs associated with inefficient cooking fuels. Additionally, clean cooking appliances play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation rates, contributing to the creation of sustainable and resilient communities.

Induction cooktops, in particular, offer a viable, safe and efficient solution for households to transition to modern clean cooking as energy access grows and demand for electric cooking increases. The appliance uses electromagnetic energy to heat the cookware directly and cooks food efficiently and quickly when paired with the appropriate cookware. Its design allows flexibility in cooking many dishes safely and with less energy.

Despite the benefits and popularity in the Global North, penetration of induction cooktops remains low in urban and peri-urban settings in the Global South due to a lack of access and misconceptions that induction cooktops will lead to increased energy consumption costs and are incompatible or not user-friendly with cooking local and cultural food.

The Global LEAP Awards Induction Cooktop Competition
Global LEAP Induction cooktops competition

The Global LEAP Awards Induction Cooktop Competition

The Global LEAP Awards for Induction Cooktops aims to identify and promote efficiently designed and high-quality induction cooktops through usability testing in India and Kenya. The competition will build on the momentum garnered from the 2020 Global LEAP Awards Electric Pressure Cooker (EPC) competition which identified energy-efficient, safe, and user-friendly electric pressure cookers through laboratory and usability testing.

This competition will combine internationally certified EICs and usability testing by having end users in urban and peri-urban settings cook with the products for a defined period to understand real-life performance. This usability testing methodology will allow the program to document other non-technical specifications at play in transitioning to clean cooking technology including user-centered design and interface, accessibility, learnability, and usability issues.

Call for Expression of Interest in Competition Participation

The Global LEAP Awards invites suppliers, distributors, designers, and manufacturers of induction cooktops wishing to participate in the competition to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form. Completing the form is the first step towards participation in the Induction Cooktops Usability Testing competition. Companies may submit multiple induction cooktop types or models in one EOI form.

The deadline for EOI submission is 23:59:59 US EST on 24 May 2024.

Contact Details

If you have any general questions or information about the Induction Cooktop Competition, you can contact the program team at globalleap@efficiencyforaccess.org.