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Explore market intelligence informing the Coalition's goal of doubling the efficiency and halving the cost of off-grid appropriate appliances

Appliance Data Trends 2018

Insights on Energy Efficiency, Quality, and Pricing for Off-Grid Appropriate TVs, Fans, and Refrigerators

Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey 2018

Perceived Demand and Impact Potential of Household, Productive Use, and Healthcare Technologies

Tariff Considerations for Micro-grids in Sub-Saharan Africa

Policy makers and stakeholders face numerous considerations with when deciding if and how they would like to regulate electricity tariffs for micro-grids. This report examines the benefits and drawbacks of various regulatory structures and provides insight into successful methods.

Productive Use of Energy in African Micro-Grids: Technical and Business Considerations

This report, published in support of the Power Africa: Beyond the Grid Program, explores the business model and technical challenges related to the productive use of energy in smaller micro-grids. In addition to examing the business models used by developers, this report also provides best practices for promoting the productive use of energy.

Off- & Weak-Grid Refrigeration: Global Market Development Roundtable Workshop Report June 2018

The two-day workshop took place in Amsterdam ahead of the 2018 GOGLA annual general meeting. This setting provided an opportunity to engage a variety of industry leaders including product designers, manufacturers of both on- and off-grid appliances, distributors, pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) solar home system providers, and other development and technology specialists. More than 45 participants took part in a wide-ranging discussion that covered eight categories of typical market barriers. Participants collectively identified and prioritised actions in each area for the Coalition to consider and take forward, which are detailed in this report.

Market Baseline Performance Testing for Off-Grid & Weak-Grid Refrigerators

Negligible data currently exists regarding off- and weak-grid refrigerator cost and performance. To help fill this gap and accelerate this market – with support from UK DFID’s Ideas to Impact Initiative – CLASP procured and tested commercially available refrigerators in 2016 to establish a performance baseline.

Understanding the Impact of Rural Electrification in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, India

The Rockefeller Foundation's Smart Power for Rural Development (SPRD) has allocated $75 million to accelerate development in India's least electrified states. This report contains key insights into how SPRD has impacted rural villages through the deployment of decentralized renewable energy-mini grids.

Solar Water Pumping: Global Market Development Roundtable Workshop Report May 2018

The Efficiency for Access Coalition hosted its first “Global Market Development Roundtable” in Nairobi, Kenya on 17-18 April 2018, bringing together over 40 industry leaders to discuss opportunities for advancing solar water pumping technologies markets.

Global LEAP 2017 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey

In partnership with UK aid, the United Nations Foundation, Power Africa, and many others, the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is undertaking a series of research efforts to enhance global understanding of the off-grid appliance market and provide a framework for stakeholders to identify business opportunities and high-impact policy and programmatic interventions.

Low-Energy Inclusive Appliance Technology Summaries

Four near-to-market products (refrigerators, televisions, fans, and solar water pumps) and five cross-cutting horizon and enabling technologies (brushless DC motors, advanced electric cooking, advanced refrigeration technologies, interoperability & compatibility, and connectivity & internet of things) are identified and discussed in these Technology Summaries.