Appliance Impacts Over Time

This longitudinal study explores how customers’ relationship with their off-grid appliances changes over time. We captured critical indicators through phone interviews with over 4000 off-grid TV, solar water pump, and refrigerator customers to track product quality, durability, satisfaction, impact, and uptake.

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Between 2015 -2021, in partnership with 60 Decibels, we surveyed over 4000 solar refrigerator, water pump and television customers across East, West and Southern Africa. Understanding these customers’ needs, experiences and satisfaction levels provides strategic insights to support the growth of the nascent solar appliance sector.

The ‘Appliance Impacts Over Time’ report presents the findings of this longitudinal study and offers an exciting opportunity to understand how customers’ relationships with their solar appliances change over time based on product quality, durability, satisfaction, impact, and uptake indicators. The data presented is categorised by appliance type and ownership tenure to produce specific and actionable insights, share feedback from consumers and signal opportunities for improvement.

The customer cohort examined in the report is represented in previous Efficiency for Access and 60 Decibels reports that explore the use and impact of off-grid appliances (electric pressure cookers, refrigerators, solar water pumps & TVs). We recommend referencing the use and benefits reports together with this report for deeper insights.