Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund: Innovator Series – Agsol

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Are solar-powered micro mills the key to affordable and efficient grain processing?

Solar milling can help change how essential milling services are delivered in rural areas. Small or micro milling machines can create a highly decentralised network of essential milling services and are a viable option for smallholder farmers. They have the potential to increase rural productivity, generate income and offset the time spent travelling to and waiting for large diesel mills.

Agsol was established in 2016 to develop solar powered milling machines that can viably serve small communities, improve labour efficiencies, keep more money in rural economies, and catalyse access to higher tier energy services. The company has its operating base in Kenya and a facility in China where primary product research and development happens.

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Agsol in developing a solar-powered, small-scale mill. This can offer a more affordable and efficient solution for customers living in rural areas. The project received funding from UK aid through the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund in 2018.  

This project report details the outcomes of the successful completion of the project.