Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund: Innovator Series – PCM Products LTD

Half of all the food in Africa is lost in the post- harvest stage or before it reaches the market. This is often the result of insufficient access to cooling solutions that keep fruit and vegetables cool in hot African climates

However, in Africa, over 70 percent of the population live without a stable grid connection, which means refrigeration and cold storage are not viable cooling options. In addition, crop yields are falling, due to more extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change, such as droughts, floods and storms. Increasing the amount of food that can be stored and used is more important than ever.

Having identified this need, the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Phase Change Material (PCM) Products LTD in developing Sust-Fridge through its cooling call for applications in 2019. The Sust-Fridge was designed to achieve low temperatures in off- and weak-grid settings.

This project report details the outcomes of the successful completion of the project, which was funded by UK aid.