Global LEAP 2017 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey

In partnership with UK aid, the United Nations Foundation, Power Africa, and many others, the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is undertaking a series of research efforts to enhance global understanding of the off-grid appliance market and provide a framework for stakeholders to identify business opportunities and high-impact policy and programmatic interventions.

This survey of energy access professionals follows a 2014 survey on the same topic to assess the expected demand for and impact of off-grid, solar-powered appliances, including household, small-medium enterprise (SME), and clinical applications.

These surveys indicate that demand – or perceptions of demand – have shifted over time. Notably, this latest survey indicates increased consumer demand for off-grid refrigeration – including household, agricultural, and commercial applications. Off-grid lighting and mobile phone charging are still identified as top priorities by most respondents.