Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Follow-Up Report

This report evaluates the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge to understand if participation stimulated innovation and what value the Challenge offered in the broader system of sector interventions.

The Global LEAP Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC) was launched in August 2018 as part of the Ideas to Impact programme to fill information gaps about one component of the off-grid cold chain (cold storage) with the hopes of contributing to a larger discourse addressing off-grid cold chains designed to support smallholder farmers.

The OGCCC aimed to identify and reward the most appropriate technologies for off-grid cold storage, and by promoting the technologies and their associated business models, stimulate appropriate support from donors, investors and government. Ideas to Impact is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to test whether innovation inducement prizes can stimulate innovative solutions to longstanding development challenges for low-income households.

The OGCCC made its final prize awards in November 2019 and shortly afterwards, Itad (as Ideas to Impact’s Evaluation & Learning Team) carried out a review to understand if participating in the prize stimulated innovation among the participants.

The review also explored:

  • What value the OGCCC offered compared to the broader system of interventions in the sector?
  • What effect post-award activity aimed at raising awareness had among key stakeholders of off-grid cold storage?
  • What has been learned from the experiences of the OGCCC participants in implementing their business models?