Off- and Weak-Grid Appliance Market Intelligence and Research Roundtable Report

The Market Intelligence and Research Roundtable convened a range of industry and ecosystem stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the off-grid appliance market, and to help guide the LEIA program’s research agenda and programmatic priorities.

The Efficiency for Access Coalition’s one-day roundtable on off- and weak-grid appliance market intelligence took place in Amsterdam on 19th June 2019 following the 2019 GOGLA Annual General Meeting. The event provided an opportunity to engage more than 45 industry leaders including: on- and off-grid appliance manufacturers, distributers, solar home system providers, researchers, investors, donors, and other development and technology specialists.

The roundtable included an overview of recent EforA activities and research, and attendees participated in breakout group discussions on six specific topic areas: Market Intelligence, Business Model Innovation, Finance and Investment, Government and Aid Agencies Support, Impact Measurement, and Consumer Protection. Participants collectively identified and prioritised actions in each area for the Coalition to take forward.