Off-Grid Refrigeration Technology Roadmap

This document identifies a series of technology improvements that would enhance the efficiency and performance of off-grid refrigerators.

The Efficiency for Access Coalition’s 2018 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey found refrigerators to be the fourth most demanded household appliance after lighting, televisions and cell phones, and the second most demanded productive use appliance after solar water pumps. Further efficiency gains and cost reductions in refrigerators have the potential to deliver higher tiers of energy access and make modern energy more accessible and cost-effective for millions globally.

Over the last year, Efficiency for Access convened industry experts to construct a roadmap for refrigerators. This document identifies a series of technology improvements that, if adopted, could improve the efficiency and performance for a range of refrigerator types. The roadmap also recommends a series of supporting initiatives and research topics to help smooth out the development of improved refrigeration. Together, these components form a common starting point for further investment and industry collaboration.