Practical Guidelines for Shipping Off-Grid Appliances

This shipping guide provides manufacturers, distributors or other actors practical guidance on how to ship off-grid appliances more efficiently. Content includes details on shipping costs, import and export requirements, and how to prepare a product for shipment.

Many manufacturers and distributors face challenges bringing their products into new markets due to limited knowledge of the logistics requirements for distributing off-grid appliances. A complete understanding of complex shipping requirements helps companies bring high-quality products to off-grid consumers more efficiently and effectively.

The Efficiency for Access Coalition has documented lessons learned and developed a set of practical guidelines for manufacturers, distributors, or other agents to inform their considerations and actions when shipping off-grid appliances. This essential guide includes a cost analysis, an overview of import and export regulations, and a set of practical steps to prepare a product for shipment for three appliance categories: small household appliances (e.g. TVs and fans), refrigerators and solar water pumps.


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