Solar-Powered Fans Can Help Support Sustainable Futures

Extreme heatwaves kill at least 12,000 people around the world per year, and one billion people are at immediate risk from lack of access to cooling. Amid climate change, appliances such as fans can be lifesaving, especially for women and the elderly who traditionally spend more time at home

Many people who need fans do not currently have access to them. Efficient and solar-powered fans are a low-cost and practical solution to keep people cool.

Efficiency for Access’ flagship initiative, Low Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) programme, has provided support to businesses and organisations working to improve the efficiency, affordability and availability of appliances and other technologies, including solar-powered fans, for off- and weak-grid settings. The LEIA programme seeks to double the efficiency and halve the cost of a range of energy efficient appliances.

In our first Human Success Story, we share the experiences of some people living in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They discuss the challenges they have witnessed given low access to electricity and fans, and the benefits of solar-powered fans as a low-cost and practical solution to keep people cool.

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