The Benefits of Permanent Magnet Motors: Efficiency Opportunities in Off- and Weak-Grid Markets

This report offers a comprehensive analysis of permanent magnet motor-driven appliances in off- and weak-grid markets.

The off-grid solar energy market is poised to grow significantly in the next decade, with the majority of growth occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. As the market matures, product suppliers are anticipated to adopt more energy-efficient technologies that drive the market toward better value products.

Appliances using permanent magnet motors use between 22-42% less energy than those using conventional motors. These savings deliver significant cost savings to the consumer and growth opportunities to the market. A household switching from conventional appliances to permanent magnet motor appliances will save 30% in the net cost of their solar energy system, even after accounting for a 20% price premium, the report finds.

This report provides the first comprehensive analysis of permanent magnet motor applications in off- and weak-grid appliance markets. It characterises the current and future global market for permanent magnet motors, evaluates and segments the potential addressable market for off- and weak-grid applications, quantifies motor benefits and identifies barriers to and drivers for adoption.