The Connect White Paper

The Connect White Paper proposes a universal connector and device-to-device firmware guidelines for 12V SHS Kits and appliances.

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Efficiency for Access and VeraSol have been working closely with GOGLA and other industry partners to define and launch the Connect Initiative. Our joint efforts under this initiative are towards defining a universal connector and device-to-device firmware to enable 12V SHS Kit and appliance interoperability.

The Connect White Paper explores the opportunities and challenges provided by a universal connector and PAYGo standards for 12V SHS Kits and appliances for the Off-Grid Solar (OGS) market. We invite industry stakeholders to review the White Paper and share their feedback and suggestions to inform the progress towards improved interoperability.

Here are some guiding questions as you review the White Paper:

1. Does the Connect Initiative present a compelling value proposition for your company and the industry? What is the value for your company?

2. How will your customers, supply chain partners and investors react to Connect?

3. What do you feel are the main challenges/risks of an industry transition to the Connect initiative? Can these be overcome, and how?

4. Would you like to adopt the Connect Technical Guidelines?

5. How can we work together to make this a reality?

Please send your feedback to Ari Reeves at areeves@clasp.ngo no later than Friday, 3 September. We welcome all views, both supportive and critical. We will anonymise the comments we receive, then report jointly with GOGLA on the comments received by both parties.

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