Refrigeration is essential for human health and productivity, but the market for appropriate and efficient off- and weak-grid refrigerators remains nascent.

Refrigeration provides a wide range of benefits, from improving human health and productivity to reducing the domestic burden on women and children, who are usually responsible for food gathering and preparation.

Refrigerators, however, are one of the most challenging off-grid appliances to design and develop to be both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, the global market remains in the early stages of development, often leaving consumers with expensive, inefficient, and faulty products.

2019 Off-Grid Refrigerator Past Competition

In 2019, with support from UK aid and Power Africa, the Global LEAP Awards administered a second-round competition for highly energy-efficient, durable, off- and weak-grid appropriate refrigerators.

The Awards identified and recognised innovative early-movers and best-in-class products in the refrigerator market. All nominated off-grid refrigerators underwent evaluation by a panel of off-grid market experts and product testing according to the Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Test Method by an accredited laboratory for their efficiency, durability, and other aspects of product performance (e.g. cooling capacity, autonomy). Detailed information about all twenty-one Winners and Finalists—including product performance data and sales contact information—is available in the 2019 Global LEAP Awards Buyer’s Guide for Outstanding Off-Grid Refrigerators.

2017 Off-Grid Refrigerator Past Competition

2017 Off-Grid Refrigerator Past Competition

In 2017, the Global LEAP Awards launched its first-ever off-grid refrigerator competition, an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) implemented with the support from Power Africa’s Beyond the Grid Initiative, to identify the most energy-efficient off- and weak-grid appropriate refrigerators and help companies, investors, and others make better, faster, business decisions. A complete list of all 17 Winners and Finalists, including product performance data and sales contact information, is available in the 2017 Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide.

Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Test Method