Efficiency for Access Announced as a Leading Initiative in the UK Government’s Breakthrough Agenda at COP26

Last week at COP26, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, launched an international plan to deliver clean and affordable technology everywhere by 2030.

Over 40 world leaders have backed and signed up to the new Breakthrough Agenda, including the US, India, EU, China, developing economies and some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change – representing more than 70% of the world’s economy and every region. The Glasgow Breakthroughs include goals focused on Power, Road Transport, Steel, Hydrogren and Agriculture with the view to limiting temperatures rises to 1.5C within reach and halving emissions by 2030.

Efficiency for Access was included in the Power Breakthrough goal, in recognition of our work to foster international collaboration in the race to the global clean energy transition. Its target is to ensure that clean power is the most affordable and reliable option for all countries to meet their power needs efficiently by 2030. We believe that supporting the development of efficient, affordable solar-powered appliances and technologies can help achieve a just and inclusive clean energy transition around the world and assist vulnerable communities in adapting to climate change and building resilience.

So far, 42 countries have signed up to the Breakthrough Agenda that aims to make clean technologies the most affordable, accessible and attractive choice for all globally by 2030. Through international collaboration between countries and organisations, the Breakthrough Agenda looks to dramatically scale up the deployment of clean energy technologies and support the developing world to access the necessary innovation to reach net zero.

Read the full agenda here.