Global LEAP Results-Based Financing Mechanism Opens Bid Submissions for Electric Pressure Cookers  

The Global LEAP Results-Based Financing mechanism for electric pressure cookers provides money in incentives to help accelerate the global appliance market for EPCs.

Electric cooking technologies hold transformative potential for clean cooking practices, leading to better health, household economics and environmental outcomes. The primary appliances driving this transition are Electric Pressure Cookers, which have the potential to positively impact the 3 billion people globally who lack access to modern cooking technology and rely instead on burning biomass.

The Global LEAP Awards’ Results-based financing (Global LEAP+RBF) aims to accelerate the global appliance market for nascent technologies by providing incentives to appliance suppliers and distributors to disseminate large quantities of quality-verified products. The programme has already facilitated the procurement of over 260,000 outstanding off-grid appliances in Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Senegal.

Through the Efficiency for Access Coalition and with support from Energising Development, Global LEAP is pleased to announce a new scaled pilot RBF round for Electric Pressures Cookers in Kenya. The bid window is now open and will close on 13 October at 23:59pm. Approximately $105,000 in incentives is available for successful participants.

Funds are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested companies are encouraged to act fast.

Read more about the process and timeline for this year’s Global LEAP+ RBF for Electric Pressure Cookers and submit your bid before 13 October.