Newest Market Intelligence from Efficiency for Access

Catch up on our latest publications for insights on cold chain, field testing, end-user feedback, local assembly and more.

It’s been a busy few months at Efficiency for Access, where we have collated our most recent — and often unique to the sector — market intelligence spanning a range of topics and technologies. Catch up on our latest publications for insights on cold chain, field testing, end-user feedback, local assembly and more:

2022 Buyer’s Guide for Off-Grid Cold Chain Solutions

This Buyer’s Guide offers detailed product specifications and field-testing data on the top ten products shortlisted as winners and finalists of the 2022 Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC).

Resilient Appliances for Resilient People and Planet

This whitepaper examines how quality assurance plays a crucial role in developing and identifying solar appliances that are resilient to climate risks and help communities become more resilient to climate-related hazards.

Policy Brief: Making the Off-Grid Solar Lighting and Appliances Sector More Inclusive

This brief aims to provide essential guidance and considerations for critical stakeholders to ensure greater inclusivity in the off-grid solar lighting and appliances sectors. Drawing on the Efficiency for Access report “Appliances for All: Assessing the Inclusivity of the Solar Lighting and Appliances Sector,” this brief provides insights to aid stakeholders in promoting inclusivity in the industry.

Evaluating Appliance Performance in the Field: Results from Appliance Testing

These reports evaluate the performance of three solar-powered appliances — refrigerators, water pumps, and milking machines — and provide user-focused insights based on real-world testing.

Key Cold Chain Infrastructure Markets

These reports assess the cold chain technology markets in India, Kenya, and Nigeria. They analyze current trends, obstacles, and opportunities for transforming the market, and provide strategies to promote the widespread adoption of cold chain technologies for fresh food value chains.

Appliance Impacts Over Time

This longitudinal study tracks changes in customers’ relationships with their off-grid appliances over time. Through phone interviews with over 4,000 customers of off-grid TVs, solar water pumps, and refrigerators, we measured critical indicators of product quality, durability, satisfaction, impact, and uptake.

Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund: Innovator Series — Innovex Uganda

In this Innovator Series report, learn about how the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Innovex Uganda to make improvements to its ‘REMOT’ solution, which monitors solar-powered energy systems and equipment.


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