2020 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey Offers New Insights in Series on Perceived Demand and Impact of Off-Grid Appliances & Healthcare Technologies

The 2020 edition of the Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey offers a unique snapshot of the fast-evolving off-grid appliances sector.

Efficiency for Access, in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All, conducted the fourth iteration of the Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey, a biennial survey that assesses the perceived consumer demand and development impact potential of a range of off-grid appropriate household, business/productive use, and healthcare technologies.

As with previous iterations, the 2020 edition of the Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey uses data collected from industry, policy and development stakeholders to characterize the market and provide unique insights into the dynamic needs of consumers and the potential positive socioeconomic impacts of off-grid appliances. Its findings contribute a key piece of market intelligence that will enhance our understanding of the global market and provide a framework for identifying business opportunities and high-impact interventions. Notably, the 2020 edition expands its analytical framework to explore perceived consumer demand and development impact off productive use/business appliances by gender and geographic region, allowing for a more comprehensive snapshot of the market today.

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition also includes a first-ever look into the needs of healthcare facilities during public health crises and pandemics. Past editions showcased equipment needs for health service delivery in un- and under-electrified areas. The 2020 survey builds on this work by examining pandemic-specific healthcare needs. The insights presented in this report will be especially valuable in the global COVID-19 response as healthcare professionals work to secure energy access for interventions. We hope these findings will also bolster preparations for future pandemics.

Please read the full report to see a detailed breakdown of perceived demand and impact rankings vary by appliance category, end-user gender, and geographic region across the years.