Watch again: Cool Insights – An Introduction to the Design and Operation of Walk-In Cold Rooms

The first webinar in our Cool Insights series is now available on our YouTube channel - watch here.

Man standing next to a cold storage unit

The first webinar in our series, ‘Cool Insights: Mastering Design and Operation of Walk-In Cold Rooms in Off Grid Regions’, in partnership with the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), is now available to view online.

These webinars explore the design and operation of walk-in cold rooms and feature learnings from “Walk-In Cold Rooms: A Practitioner’s Technical Guide”. The guide presents accessible, practical guidance that enables developers, owners, operators, and suppliers to specify, install and operate effective, economically viable and appropriate precoolers and cold rooms. It is available to read and download here.

In our first webinar, Jakub Vrba of Efficiency for Access, Arpana Philip of Enviu and Sonja Mettenleiter, Consultant, provided an introduction to the Guide, along with insights to inform the key technical and business model decisions. You can view it below or via a link to our YouTube channel here.

The second webinar in the series, “Estimating Cooling Demand and Electrical Power Demand of Walk-In Cold Rooms”, will be hosted by the International Institute of Refrigeration with presentations from Giovanni Cortella, Professor of Thermodynamics and Refrigeration, University of Udine, Bas Hetterscheid, Manager of Partnerships, Wageningen University & Research, Jeremy Tait, Sustainable Products Director, Tait Consulting, and Victor Torres, Founder, Solar Cooling Engineering.  The webinar takes place on Tuesday 11th June at 15:00 CEST (14:00 BST). You can find out more information and register to attend the webinar here.

We will be uploading the recordings of all the webinars in the series here, so be sure to bookmark this page so that you can easily find all future Cool Insights webinars.