Launch of ‘Cool Insights’ Webinar Series

An exclusive webinar series featuring advice and guidance on the design and implementation of walk-in cold rooms will take place across May, June and July.

The engaging series will focus on insights from the recently published “Walk-In Cold Rooms: A Practitioner’s Technical Guide”, which consolidates the current technologies used in designing and operating walk-in cold rooms for precooling and storage of fresh produce in off- and weak-grid areas of the Global South.  The guide presents practical guidance for developers, owners, operators and suppliers to make informed decisions when specifying, installing and operating precoolers and cold rooms.

A cold room in Tanzania, covered by Solar panels
A recently-installed cold room in Tanzania

In collaboration with the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), this series of webinars will explore the design and operation of walk-in cold rooms. Representatives from each organisation will share insights from the Guide, as well as answer questions on the technical information offered within. These webinars will be ideal for the project manager who is working through the process of procuring a cold room, and will enable them to have effective discussions on actioning the recommendations made in the Guide.

The first webinar, hosted by Efficiency for Access’s Jakub Vrba alongside Arpana Philip of Enviu and Sonja Mettenleiter, Consultant, will provide an introduction to the Guide along with insights to inform the key technical and business model decisions. The webinar take place on Tuesday 21st May at 14:00 BST (16:00 EAT). Tickets to the Zoom event are available via Eventbrite here.