Adili Solar Hubs: Improving Fishing Income Without Major Energy Consumption

Whilst addressing major energy consumption challenges, Adili Solar Hubs are improving the income of local fishers and enabling efficient fish distribution.

Fisherfolk are sorting fish that has been caught in a small boat on the shore of Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya

Lake Turkana’s communities in Northern Kenya rely heavily on fishing due to climate-induced poverty, but inadequate cold chain infrastructure and preservation methods significantly reduce the value and market reach of their fish, contributing to severe food insecurity in the area.

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Adili Solar Hubs in developing an end-to-end solar-powered cold chain system to enhance the fish cold chain in the Lake Turkana area. This project improved the income of local fishers by enabling them to sell fresh fish at higher prices, while also addressing challenges related to water treatment, energy consumption, and transportation, thereby ensuring sustainable and efficient fish distribution to urban markets.

You can read the report on Adili Solar Hubs in full here.