Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund: Innovator Series- Solaris Offgrid

OpenPAYGO Link: A milestone towards off-grid appliance market growth

Solar home systems are often sold on a pay-as-you-go basis to low-income customers without access to electricity. Generally, solar home systems are sold as bundles, including solar panels, batteries, lighting, and other appliances such as televisions. Many of these appliances only work when used with the solar home systems they are sold with, meaning consumers are locked into using products from one manufacturer. This lack of interoperability leads to limited consumer choice and high research and development expenses for manufacturers and distributors.  

Having identified this need, the Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund supported Solaris Offgrid in developing OpenPAYGO Link through its Open Call for applications in 2019. The open-source technology aims to provide the industry with a standardised appliance communication protocol. This can help integrate pay-as-you-go devices with a wider range of appliances and enhance access to modern energy services for the world’s poorest people. 

This project report details the outcomes of the successful completion of the project, which was funded by UK aid.