Stakeholders Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities in the Cold Chain Sector

This report summarises discussions at a cold chain stakeholders workshop organised by Efficiency for Access and ESMAP to deliberate on how to advance and scale cooling solutions for smallholder farmers.

Access to cooling in emerging markets, where agriculture is a key economic activity and source of livelihood for 80% of the population, can increase incomes for smallholder farmers and reduce post-harvest loss by up to 25%. However, first mile access to cooling services remains low due to various reasons including lack of consumer awareness, product affordability, poor transport infrastructure, unreliable energy supply, poor market linkages, and weak enforcement laws on fresh produce and livestock value chains.

To deliberate on the challenges and opportunities to advance the cold chain sector and scale access to cooling solutions for smallholder farmers, Efficiency for Access and ESMAP convened a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Key recommendations from the workshop were grouped into four main themes namely technological innovation & intervention, operational/implementation models, financing mechanism and the role of the public sector.

For more information, please download the ‘Stakeholders Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities in the Cold Chain Sector’ Report and follow up on Twitter for regular updates.


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