Sustainable Solar E-Waste and Battery Technology Management: A Qualitative Study of Off-Grid Solar Markets Across Uganda and Senegal

Given the growing demand and subsequent sales expansion across sub-Saharan Africa for affordable, modern solar household systems, the time to ensure a positive industry legacy is now.

There has been a rapid and significant increase in the sale of household solar systems (SHS) throughout sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade, driven by an increasing number of private companies serving households and businesses. During this period of rapid growth, the off-grid solar sector is also working to ensure that its sales channels for SHS distribution across East and West Africa are sustainable, leaving behind a positive legacy for its rural customers.

This research presents a qualitative exploration of the operational and logistical challenges that SHS distribution companies currently face in the efficient management of solar e-waste, to inform and assist companies in the sector in developing best practices. The study presents key insights from local solar companies operating across Uganda and Senegal, as well as a household survey exploring consumer behavior around solar e-waste collection, recycling, and repair.