Efficiency for Access Research Overview

Findings from our solar water pumping and off- & weak-grid refrigeration roundtables

The research activities of the UK aid Low Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) programme began in early 2018 with two technology-specific roundtable events; the Solar Water Pumping Market Development Roundtable, which was held in Nairobi, and the Off-& Weak-Grid Refrigeration Market Development Roundtable which took place in Amsterdam.

The aim of these events was to provide opportunities for in-depth discussions of consumer, market, and technology needs in order to identify industry priorities and action plans to accelerate markets for super-efficient appliances. The roundtable outputs were then used to help to inform future LEIA research priorities and technology road mapping activities, as well as align potential development funding from Efficiency for Access Coalition funders.

The two roundtables brought together over 80 industry leaders, product designers and distributors, technology specialists, agriculture sector experts, and other relevant stakeholders. Participants collectively identified and prioritised 58 actions in eight priority areas that represent the challenges and priorities for the solar water pumping and off- & weak-grid refrigeration markets, available in the meeting summaries. The Coalition is publishing quarterly solar water pump, and refrigeration bulletins to show progress made on priorities identified at the roundtables.

The current LEIA Programme Technical Working Groups (TWGs) focused on refrigeration, solar water pumps, and interoperability were formed to develop technology roadmaps for products and technologies of focus. In addition, they serve as a means of coordinating identified activities, resources, and technology investments and continuing industry engagement.

To learn more about participating in a TWG, please express your interest here. To provide feedback on the first draft of the Solar Water Pump TWG’s Roadmap, please access the draft here and send all comments to the Chair, Amit Khare, at amit.khare@ICF.com.

To stay up to date with LEIA research outputs, visit our publications page, where all reports and summaries are located.