PRESS RELEASE | Efficiency for Access, Rural Senses and SVT Group Collaborate on Impact Assessment Framework for Appliances

The project will leverage existing evidence together with independent field research to map appliances’ impact in five areas: accessibility, durability and performance, economic, social and environmental.

Efficiency for Access Collaborates with Rural Senses and SVT Group to Develop an Impact Assessment Framework for High Performing Appliances

Furthering its commitment to a responsible acceleration of clean energy access in off-grid communities, Efficiency for Access will partner with Rural Senses and SVT Group to develop an impact assessment framework for high performing appliances. The project, which is expected to last until August 2021, aims to standardise the way the impact of high performing appliances is planned, measured and reported.

Every year, tens of thousands of high performing appliances such as fans, TVs, fridges, and water pumps, are distributed across off-grid communities in developing countries. These appliances will significantly impact social, environmental and financial ecosystems. Interconnected factors in manufacturing, distribution and operation can dramatically affect the type and magnitude of these appliances’ impact, whether positive or negative, on people and the planet.

The project will be led by Rural Senses, which specialises in data collection and AI-powered data analysis with the support of SVT Group, which develops globally accepted impact frameworks. Efficiency for Access will oversee the project and lead the process of creating consensus around the new framework.

The project will leverage existing evidence together with independent field research to map appliances’ impact in five areas: accessibility, durability and performance, economic, social and environmental. Impact indicators will be developed through modelling the ways in which different communities are impacted by appliances. The indicators will be used by distributors, manufacturers, project developers, donors and policy makers to enable evidence-driven decision-making throughout the supply chain.

In addition to the indicators that will be available for immediate use, the project will also investigate methods to improve data collection and analysis mechanisms. This will enable the use of indicators that the industry may be still unable to report on but are nevertheless important to capture holistic impact. “The framework will promote evidence-based policy and funding and, most importantly- it will allow to increase the benefits and mitigate the risks to local off-grid communities, as the sector grows” Says Dr. Stephanie Hirmer, Technical Director at Rural Senses

The advanced impact modelling combined with simple indicators and improved data flows will result in an impact assessment framework which balances rigour and ease of use.


Notes to editors:

About Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote high performing appliances that enable access to clean energy for the world’s poorest people. It is a catalyst for change, accelerating the growth of off-grid appliance markets to boost incomes, reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life and support sustainable development. Efficiency for Access consists of 15 Donor Roundtable Members, 10 Programme Partners, and more than 30 Investor Network members. Current Efficiency for Access Coalition members have programmes and initiatives spanning 44 countries and 22 key technologies.

The Efficiency for Access Coalition is coordinated jointly by CLASP, an international appliance energy efficiency and market development specialist not-for-profit organisation, and Energy Saving Trust, which specialises in energy efficiency product verification, data and insight, advice and research.

About Rural Senses

Rural Senses is a social enterprise that originated from research conducted at the University of Cambridge, which provides data collection, AI-enhanced data analysis and research to maximise the impact of development interventions. Rural Senses uses ethical, unbiased and verifiable beneficiary data to measure needs and impact in humanitarian and development settings faster and at scale. The company was founded by Yau Ben-Or and Dr Stephanie Hirmer in 2018. Visit www.ruralsenses.com for more information.

About SVT Group

SVT Group is an impact strategy and management firm founded in 2001 and based in Silicon Valley, U67S. SVT designs and implements systems to measure, manage and communicate social and ecological impact, reduce risk, and identify direct streams of previously hidden value for client organizations. Systems designed by SVT have assessed the social and environmental value of over $9Bn across a variety of asset categories for clients including Yo Yo Ma, Fair Trade USA, Beneficial State Bank, and CalPERS’ Environmental Investment Advisor. SVT is a “best for the world” certified B Corporation.