Explore, Read, Watch and Learn – April 2024 Reading and Watch List

Explore our top recent publications and videos to discover how we're driving transformation in renewable energy access, affordability, and sustainability

Dive into our top publications and videos from the last few months to learn more about our initiatives in advancing renewable energy access, affordability, and sustainability.

In addition, explore the critical role of cold storage in reducing food loss and enhancing food security, as well as how off-grid solar products contribute to addressing climate change in low-income communities across sub-Saharan Africa.

So, grab a seat, get comfortable, and enjoy.


Food loss and waste is a global challenge with significant economic, environmental, and social implications. In this technology trend brief, we explore the role of cold storage in reducing food loss and enhancing food security. Additionally, we spotlight three organisations collaborating with Efficiency for Access, leading the charge in pioneering these efforts.

This brief provides guidance to governments and other programme implementers on how to make off-grid solar lighting and appliances more inclusive in terms of gender, disability and affordability.

This report explores how off-grid solar products and equipment contribute to addressing climate change in low-income communities across sub-Saharan Africa, promoting resilience and adaptation efforts.

Led by Energy Saving Trust, a co-secretariat of the Efficiency for Access Coalition, this report assesses various Concessional Consumer Financing (CCF) models aimed at delivering affordable finance options to individuals with low incomes, enabling them to acquire energy-efficient products.

Off-grid solar appliances vary in quality and durability.  While some are designed and manufactured well, others fall short of expectations for safety, durability and performance.  This whitepaper, explore how a robust quality assurance framework empowers market players to identify top-performing appliances, ensuring consumers access high-quality products that truly deliver climate resilience benefits.

From 2015 to 2021, in collaboration with 60 Decibels, we surveyed 4000+ solar refrigerator, water pump, and television customers across East, West, and Southern Africa. By understanding their needs and satisfaction levels, we gained strategic insights to support the growth of the nascent solar appliance sector. Explore the findings now.



Discover the insights from the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2022-2023 webinar series, where industry experts delve into the challenges and opportunities within the clean energy sector. Gain valuable knowledge on the cultural, social, and environmental considerations crucial for designing off-grid appliances.

It sets the scene for the Challenge within the current global situation, covers the role of Challenge participants in addressing global issues, and provides advice on how participants can develop their designs in a globally responsible manner.

This webinar provides insight into opportunities Challenge participants can explore once they have graduated from their universities, and pursue their careers in design and development.

This includes inspiring stories from a panel of entrepreneurs showcasing how they navigated their careers, and advice on how Challenge participants can make decisions for their futures.

This webinar includes key discussions around the role of energy in humanitarian settings. It also covered examples of energy access issues affecting people across the globe, and how the Challenge participants can help to address them in their designs.

This webinar explores how participants can continue to iterate and develop their designs after the end of the Challenge, and apply these practices to continuing to develop products once they are in the market.


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