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Completed Projects

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund has supported 35 organisations with over £5 million in funding and facilitated a further £1.5m to 12 electric cooking projects with funding from UK aid. Here are the completed projects

The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund was launched in November 2018 and aims to accelerate innovation in off-grid and weak grid appliance technologies.

Efficiency for Access is investing funding into research and development (R&D) projects with the aim to accelerate the availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of low energy inclusive appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion.

Launched in 2018, there have been three calls for funding: the Open Call, the Cooling Call and the Enabling Technologies Call. Some of our projects have now been successfully completed, with the impacts of the projects measured.

Open Call:

The Sure Chill Company:
Improved controls for off-grid domestic refrigerators

Read the full report here

Solaris Offgrid:

OpenPAYGO link to increase interoperability of off-grid appliances and solar home systems

Read the full report here

Phase Change Material Products LTD

Sust-Fridge, designed to attain low temperatures in off- and weak-grid settings

Read the full report here


MicroMill, a solar-powered, small-scale mill.

Read the full report here